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In this free online Spanish course, the texts present the grammar to be explained in each unit. They are short and contain either general vocabulary or are based on the theme you chose: (sport-nature, food, fashion-clothes, music and films-shows).

The same vocabulary is included in the documents in the first lessons and in the course dictionary. Just copy the word to the dictionary box and click “search”. The translation will appear immediately.


The grammar in this free online Spanish course is explained mainly in English to make it easier to understand.

Sometimes the grammar explanation is reinforced with a PowerPoint presentation and other supporting materials.


The exercises are written using the content of the texts or grammatical explanations you have read. They can use general English, or vocabulary specific to the five fields described above.

Some exercises are repeated in the different subject areas throughout this free online Spanish course. You can do all of them to help broaden your vocabulary while improving your grammar.

If you don’t understand a word just copy it to the dictionary and click “search”. The translation will appear immediately.


In this section of the free online Spanish course you will find information written in English on relevant aspects of Spanish culture mentioned in the unit you have studied.


The tests in the free online Spanish course are a summary of everything you have seen in the preceding three or four units. They will help you see how your Spanish is progressing.

This free online Spanish course is continuously updated. From time to time additional lessons and learning material will be added. If you can’t find what you are looking for, look at a later date or fill in our suggestion box. Your comments will help us to improve the course.


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