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Publishers interested in our multimedia teaching course are welcome to contact us

At NoComprendo Language Services we are designing an extremely practical multimedia teaching course for the teaching of Spanish as a second language in Norwegian primary and secondary schools. We have been in contact on several occasions with Johanne Ostad head of the National Centre for Foreign Languages in Education and we are creating our project following the content recommended by the Ministry of Education and Research in its manifesto, Språk åpner dører (“Languages open doors”) and the Common European Reference Framework for Languages.

The said multimedia tool forms part of our colleague Natali Seguí Schimpke’s PhD. She has eight years experience in the teaching of Spanish for foreigners at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain). We hope to continue developing the course with the help of a publisher interested in the project.

Would any publishers interested in taking part in the project please contact us via the following e-mail address:


At present we have a 63-page research paper in Spanish, a summary of it in Norwegian and some pilot lessons of the course.


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