Is NoComprendo a free translator?

No, free translators are usually online translation programs. These are low quality automatic translations. They only provide you with a general idea of the text's meaning. You are advised never to publish automatic translations.

Why request a translation?

People prefer to read material in their mother language. We tend to be very selective with respect to the abundant information available to us nowadays, and usually disregard information that is not in our mother language. Therefore if you translate material, e.g. your web page, to your customer's mother language, you will make your company more accessible and will have more visitors.

How much does a translation cost?

Translation prices are calculated on a per source word basis and depend on the combination of languages, the type of text, the number of pages and the requested delivery deadline. The translation of a simple web page may cost less than 100 €.

What is the standard market rate for translations?

There is no standard price for translations. Since rates depend on several factors (combination of languages, complexity of the text, volume and delivery deadline) and there are several different manners in which to work, market prices may vary. Some agencies simply outsource the translation and then deliver it directly to the customer without having performed any type of quality control review. These agencies tend to be cheaper but are unable to guarantee that their translations will be of outstanding quality.

Why choose NoComprendo Language Services?

Because NoComprendo only works with highly qualified and professional native translators. In view of our perfect combination of technical, linguistic and cultural knowledge regarding the language into which we translate, we can guarantee that all of our translations will be of the highest quality possible. Additionally, NoComprendo guarantees professionalism, security and adherence to delivery deadlines at competitive prices.

Is a discount offered if the text has numerous repetitions?

Yes, we may apply a special discount if the original text contains a large number of repeated words and is of a high volume.

Do you work with native translators?

Yes. NoComprendo works exclusively with native translators that only translate into their mother language. Among others, NoComprendo has Spanish translators, Swedish translators, Danish translators, Norwegian translators, German translators, English translators, and Dutch translators who guarantee that the quality of the translations will meet your expectations.

What types of texts does NoComprendo translate?

NoComprendo offers a professional translation service covering all types of texts and formats: leaflets, product catalogues, web pages, company presentations, commercial offers, tourism and sports translations, texts of a general nature and other documents.

What language combinations are offered by NoComprendo?

Among others, NoComprendo Language Services offers translations from English to German, translations from English to Swedish, translations from English to Danish, translations from English to Norwegian, translations from English to German, translations from English to Spanish, and translations from English to Dutch. We also offer translation from other languages to English: among others, translations from Swedish to English, translations from Danish to English, translations from Norwegian to English, translations from German to English, translations from Spanish to English and translations from Dutch to English.


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